CHASE Credit Card

The CHASE Credit Card-Freedom has one of the best options available when it comes to getting cash back on your uses with your card. The CHASE Credit Card-Freedom doesn't work on a points system. What happens with the CHASE Credit Card-Freedom is that you will receive cash back incentives for the purchases you make using your card instead of points. One of the really nice things about the CHASE Credit Card-Freedom is that you are able to get 5% cash back for your purchases made with your card. Another thing that is loved about this card is that there aren’t any annual fees to pay. A card with no fees and also you are able to take advantage of the cash back How great is that? Just know that with a card this great you will definitely need to also have a great credit rating in order to get approved.

When you spend $500 in just three months time with the CHASE Credit Card-Freedom, you will get $100 back as a thank you for even applying for the CHASE Credit Card-Freedom. For most people, three months is more than enough time to be able to use the card for $500 in purchases, so that should be easy money to make right there. Could you possibly want anything else out of this card? There is a rotation schedule setup in order for you to get up to $1,500 in cash back every single quarter. The amount you get in each quarter will be determined by giving you back 5% of your total purchases made with your CHASE Credit Card-Freedom in that quarter.

Do you want to know just a bit more about your 1% cash back that you also receive for all of the other purchases? Well, other than the places on the partners with Chase list you will purchase from, you will get 1% cash back on those purchases every month as well. Just in case you don't now know, they don't count things like checks given or things like money orders in their purchases calculations.


And to top it all off with a zero percent APR for 15 months just is enough to make anyone who hasn't been paying attention turn their head to take notice. Those who have the credit rating that most likely will be able to get approved for this card should already be on the phone getting additional information for getting your cards right away. Even after the zero interest period is up the APR is still at a very good range so there are still no worries. Since we already know that most of the best in credit ratings will be the first considered for this card, we already know that there is no need to mention things about paying bills on time. We just always want to make sure that our readers here are aware of the pitfalls that can occur as well as all of the great things that await you if you apply. Check out the CHASE Credit Card-Freedom and see if this is a card that could be of great benefit in your life or not.